DSA Witch Girl

Witch Girl is a keycap set inspired by by all the women who were feared for their intuition and power. Designed by Mintlodica, the set features soft pinks and greens with iconography that portrays elements of nature, weaponry, and witchcraft. I created several 3D Visualizations for the second run of the set inspired by the natural, earthy colors of the set.

Introduced in this second revision is a new Dark Alpha Kit, which turns the Pink alpha keys into the moody Dark Green featured on the modifiers. To display both Light and Dark alpha options in one scene, I utilized the split design of the SP-111 by BlindAssassin111, placing the lighter pink keys on one half and the darker Green keys on the other. This keyboard is then placed on a delicate, lush forest floor, with harsh sun lighting and shadows that accent the subject, and a snake which compliments the various serpentine motifs featured in the keyset.




3D Rendering

3D Modelling


DSA Witch Girl